Aerospace Engineering's Readmission Policy

Readmission Policies

  1. Any student who is not enrolled for two or more consecutive terms must apply for readmission;
  2. Any student in good standing who is not enrolled for a single term will be allowed to re-enroll without applying for readmission to the Institute;
  3. A student who is on academic warning or probation who is not enrolled for a single term will have an automatic hold placed on registration. This must be cleared by the student's major school. For example, a student who is placed on academic warning or probation at the end of a Fall semester and who fails to enroll by the close of Phase II registration for the following semester, will receive an automatic registration hold which must be cleared by the major school before the student can register for the next semester. Should the student not register for the next semester, that student will have to submit an appropriate readmission application;
  4. With the exception of part-time graduate students,  students who withdraw during a term and who wish to return the following term must complete a readmission application and a petition to the faculty for consideration. Part-time graduate students are required to complete only a readmission application.These documents must be submitted to the Registrar before the deadline for the semester in which they want to be admitted.
    The following are the deadlines: 

    • Summer Term - June 1
    • Fall Term - August 1
    • Winter Term - December 1
    • Spring Term - March 1